History of C & L Metal Sales

C & L Metal Sales is the first women own and operated Steel Supply Company and Fabrication Shop. It has been a challenge to be and to grow the business to what it is today.
The company opened on 10/01/2001 by owner Cindy Scott, with just a 1999 Ford Ranger and $100.00. Thanks to a few suppliers that had faith in what she was trying to do, they helped her in getting the material that she had orders for. Cindy knew that there was a need for a company to be able to supply material to customers with 2 hours. As a FULL Service Supplier she would do what it took to get the job done. This is what she decided she would base her company on, even taking on a few challenges of buying lunch if the material was not delivered within a set time. The closest to the set time was 2 min do the deadline. Normally the material was delivered from pick-up to delivery 5 min before the set time.
Within a few months she had to purchase a ladder rack to go on the pickup so that the material could then be delivered as full 20'. Around 9 months later she purchased a modified trailer for hauling plates. By 2003 the company had grown enough that she traded the 1999 Ford Ranger for a 3/4 ton Chevy Pickup and a 18' trailer. Because of the bigger pickup and trailer she now offered Saturday and custom time deliveries. No more just Monday-Friday 8-5 deliveries. She was now fully able to do what she had set the company ground rules to be, offering FAST Deliveries.
By 2005 it was apparent that the pickup and trailer setup was not going to work much longer, so the hunt for something bigger started. With the help of a few customers she was able to locate 1987 Ford 7000 with an 18' flat bed. With the new truck it opened up a lot more opportunity for new customers. This created a new issue the company, as it was growing to where it was more then 1 person could do. She then decided to bring on Jay House to help with the deliveries. With having 2 people the deliveries were now being able to be done on a timely matter, This also gave the company the opening to offer fabrication such as drilling, saw cutting, and welding. Jay House took it upon himself to became a Certified welder which then allowed us to offer fabrication to Government/City jobs. In 2019 the company out grew the original place and moved to a bigger place with a yard and 2 offices. Within a few months Cassidy Petersen was hired as our lead sales person, and we had to hire another driver for the additional vehicles that were now needed for the deliveries
In 2023 C & L Metal Sales had again outgrown the current place and moved. This time it was to a permanent place at 10811 NE Marx St/Portland, Or 97220. We were able to purchase the property and are again growing the company.